Medical Aid is a Human Right.

Health care is a basic human right; yet thousands don’t have access to any health facilities. You can help provide TB and Malaria treatments and help expecting mothers ensuring their babies are delivered safely. Donate now and you can do more by creating access to essential medical aid for those in need.

We consider access to healthcare a universal right, however, for many, this is a luxury out of reach.

The global pandemic has taught us many lessons including the importance of the great blessing of health and wellbeing. For those whose lives are already blighted by poverty, accessing medical care for protection and treatment for disease is virtually impossible.

Our medical centres are stable points of contact that communities can rely on for help and protection through immunisation, nutrition, and localised treatment programmes.

Your support can ensure that children like Aisha get the start in life that they deserve.

With you on our side, we can create a world free of illness and disease.

You can save lives

For over 35 years, we have been working to equalise access to key health care services to help improve the health and wellbeing of children and mothers as well as those suffering from disease, malnutrition, and life-threatening injuries.

We have helped millions of suffering people around the globe. We have provided emergency medical aid, blood supplies andambulances to disaster zones like Gaza and Syria. We have cared for malnourished babies caught in the grip of famine, provided antenatal and postnatal care to women in hard to reach communities as well as medicine and immunisation for those suffering from diseases like Malaria and TB.


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The Dove Foundation team works on a voluntary basis. In order to finance our development projects, we rely on donations. Help now with a donation!

  • Our non-profitable status is recognized by the tax office.
  • We work on a voluntary basis and do not receive any salary, benefits in kind or any other compensation.
  • Since we are a small organization with flat hierarchies, we work very effectively. Virtually every euro goes to the goal of the statutes because we don’t have to finance a huge administrative apparatus.
  • We work transparently, have published our statutes and in the blog as well as on our social media channels, you can follow exactly what is happening with your donations.

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The long journey to end poverty begins with a child.
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