Clean Water

Drinking water is a Human Right.

Yet 2.2 billion people worldwide suffer from thirst or fall ill from contaminated water. Our mission is to provide these people with an existential livelihood through clean drinking water.

There are communities that were visited over the past years in the cause of our humanitarian services in Pakistan that are in desperate need of need of clean water.

And there’s no place to escape any of it. The only available water in such places lies in old holes (Well) in the ground, dirty stream water and faulty manual borehole. The women in the communities have no choice but to hoist water out by rope, one bucket a time. As a result, their hands are gnarly, shredded, calloused, and hard.

The Children walk on every morning before sunrise and spend hours to find unclean water for drinking hence this affect their access to education the muddy stream for the water they share with both their neighbors and livestock; the water they consume is dirty and unclean which as a result they constantly suffer from stomach pain, typhoid and diarrhea and loose children to water-related diseases!

Together, we can end the water crisis

This is a world most of us don’t know and many people live in it, in such hard condition to find a clean and safe water.

And yet, it’s the reality for 663 million people around the world lack access to clean water and an estimated 1,375 people die everyday as a result of contaminated water!

“You and I got lucky.”

As we happened to be born in places where we’ve never had to worry about finding water or deal with the fear that our water might affect the health of our families.

Help provide Clean water and save lives!


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