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DOVE WELFARE FOUNDATION (Health Orientation and Poverty Eradication) Foundation is a “non-profit”, “non-government” and “non-political” organization registered with the government of Pakistan under Trust Act, 1882. DOVE WELFARE FOUNDATION since its inception in year 2020 responding all natural and man-made disasters in all phases like relief, recovery and rehabilitation. DOVE WELFARE FOUNDATION was founded to mobilize resources to help most neglected segments of the societies all over the Pakistan.

Poverty alleviation is the top agenda of DOVE WELFARE FOUNDATION that can only be achieved by supporting deserving community to achieve sustainable means of livelihood. Projects like skill development and income generation are being launched for youth and women empowerment for women in our society.

Support for destitute, orphans, widows, disabled and poorest of the poor is also included in the priorities of DOVE WELFARE FOUNDATION. Through variety of projects like Orphan Support, Widow Support, Fitra, Ramadan Food, Eid Gifts and Qurbani projects are being implemented by DOVE WELFARE FOUNDATION for social protection of the destitute. These support projects are helping to bring smiles on the deprived faces in our surroundings. DOVE WELFARE FOUNDATION with the help of its generous donors and partner organisations approaching thousands of oppressed people and giving them a hope; a hope to live, a hope to thrive and a hope to smile.

DOVE WELFARE FOUNDATION is an International human rights, advocacy, and development organization working with the marginalized communities in Pakistan.

We are working to promote and protect human rights. Our main focus is on development and training to enable people to gain skills and enduring self sufficiency. Our vision is to empower and enable people to end their suffering and feel confident in their ability to secure a promising future. According to us all people in society are entitled to participate in and contribute to economic, social, cultural, and political development. A society can not advance when only the richest and most powerful in society have hope for its future.

We offer education, training, and health counseling to those in need through various campaigns and projects. We make people aware of their basic rights and help them to become active members of their community. According to us if society is unaware of the rules and rights of the people then the people essentially have no rules or rights.

Hopelessness is not to be ignored, it is to be changed. From hopelessness our foundation grows hope for a bright new future where the worries of the past are unwelcome and communities of people learn to trust in themselves, their personal abilities, and can enjoy healthy living.


Dove Welfare Organization has committed and devoted members from various social,academic and professional backgrounds of Pakistan


To do utmost effort in the fields of health and nutrition,education, the environmental and climate challenges,volunteering, and protection, economic empowerment of women, youth development programs,


A world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live in dignity and security.

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